About KITE

About Kite

Kite is a technology innovation platform developed under the guidance of Ministry of heavy Industry, Government of India to set up manufacturing technology and innovation platforms, enabling a virtual connectivity medium to bring together various stakeholders under one common goal - indigenization of technologies and a self-reliant India.

Our Vision

To become the best collaboration and knowledge platform in the World for innovation, product development and  to become the best B2B marketplace for manufacturing machines and products, product development and manufacturing services in India.

Our Mission

KITE is technology innovation platform will primarily focus on four aspects:

  • Bringing together people, businesses, academia, investors and funding agencies to achieve the dream of Atmanirbhar Bharath
  • Development of the best knowledge repository for manufacturing
  • Facilitate skill development
  • Become the best B2B marketplace for manufacturing services and products

Our Objective

  • Curate knowledge from different sources including users data, that available publicly and store them as knowledge graphs
  • Connect businesses to say possible OEMs who can deliver the required product or manufacturing service based on the knowledge available about the OEMs
  • Allow a user to determine the best possible manufacturing process, process parameters, etc. for a required job from the curated data
  • Locate and assemble a team of OEMs, Professionals to deliver a new innovative product/service

Functional Features Of The Kite Platform

The platform is built with customized features as appropriate for the selected areas of operation of the host institute or industry, the following are the key and the essential features incorporated across in the  web-based technology platforms.

  • Registration Roles: Innovator, problem owner, mentor, evaluator, moderator
  • Problem/Challenge hosting Abstract-Engineering definition-Novelty assessment – redefinition (if required)- hosting
  • Innovator’s proposals Abstract-evaluation- acceptance /rejection
  • Networking & Teams Team formation (innovator-mentor-facilitator)- Contract agreements
  • Innovation Process Periodic review – redefinition (if any) – final solution- evaluation - implementation - payments
  • Solution implementation and Assessment Implementation of solution (PoC/ final solution)- assessment
  • Knowledge Gap Analytics Feedbacks from problem-solver, owner, mentor – Analytics (gaps in technologies/skills/innovation processes) Consolidation of ideas from think tanks for long term futuristic projects
  • E-learning / Virtual Classrooms Case Studies – Success stories – personal experiences – Emerging Tools/Concepts

Envisaged Outcome

Connectivity of People and Resources

  • Connecting industry and research has been a long-standing government policy objective. This technology and innovation platform will enable us to pull together various efforts occurring in this space, and look to scale a collaborative solution and will boost industry-researcher collaboration leading to potential societal and economic benefits.
  • This platform will help Indian organizations to stop working in their "silos" and help them open up their organizational boundaries for collaborative open innovation and thus realize that there are several capability gaps and opportunities that can be addressed by connecting the dots and by opening up towards collaboration with other firms.
  • This platform will help to solve challenges and derive India Specific solutions using frugal and value engineering methodologies. This will in turn minimize foreign dependency for technology solutions and help India to emerge as a Technology and Innovation Hub across the world.

Knowledge Extraction and Representation

  • This Technology and Innovation platform will serve as a central aggregation point for the various challenge programs, and will provide an opportunity for industry and government to put their challenges out to relevant experts from Research Institutes, Universities and other interested registered entities.
  • This platform will help us to synergize knowledge of thousands of top technology experts from Industry and Academia and further the solutions developed with collaborative efforts will be available for mass production in our country.
  • Earn while you learn: Prize money to support the cost of developing individuals’ innovation
  • Business Opportunities: Collaborate and co-create with potential customers with opportunities to commercialize and access to go-to market channels
  • Mentorship and community support: Support and guidance from domain experts and technology and marketing enablers
  • Innovation process and support: Tap the dedicated support from engineering resources, experts from leading CPSE, R&D Laboratories and Academic Institutions. This includes mentorship, design thinking, innovation expertise and use of facilities.

Technology Platform Partners

Focused Domains of Technology Platform

Partners Platform Name Field of Focus  
ARAI TechNovuus
  • Indian Mobility CASE (Connected & Shared, Affordable, Safe, Environment friendly & towards Energy Independence)
BHEL Engineering Solutions & Technology Innovation Lab
  • Power Sector, Utilities, Renewable, Energy Sector and other industries
CMTI DRISHTI@CMTI (Design, Research and Innovation by Harvesting Science and Technology for Industries)
  • Machine Tool Technology
  • Manufacturing Processes & Smart Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Product Engineering
  • Sensor and Controls
CMTI Technology and Innovation portal For Machine Tool Sector (TIP-MT)
  • Import substitution and technology gap reduction in the area of Machine Tools
ICAT ASPIRE (Automotive Solutions Portal for Industry, Research and Education)
  • Automotive Technology Development